Saturday, January 16, 2010

Showtime to debut porn-oriented soap opera

By Jean-Paul Stanley Simmons, Special to Newsophile

NEW YORK -- Showtime officials have announced that "The Ripe and the Raw" will debut on the pay television service on June 9, 2011.

Billed as the first ever 'porn soap opera', the show will follow the "Ups and downs, ins and outs, and highs and lows of one of the richest industries on earth."

Starring Tera Patrick, Keeley Hazell, Jenna Jameson, Peter North, Ron Jeremy, and the stuffed corpse of Marilyn Chambers, the show promises to 'keep you up all night', have you 'on the edge of your seat', and keep you 'waiting with mastur-baited breath' for next week's episode.

"Putting us on Showtime allows for the ripeness and the rawness of what to do to really come up to the surface," stated Jameson.

"I'm totally up for this show!" said a clearly excited Peter North, "I can't wait to come in for shooting."

"I'm coming this weekend," said Ms. Hazell, "to begin fitting for costumes. In one of the episodes I have a big hump," apparently a reference to a Quasimodo scene she is in.

"Come and play!" was all Ms. Patrick could manage through a full mouth during the interview.

Richard Long, the show's producer, claims their audience will not only be treated to "great, gooey gobs of porn", but a real insider's look inside the dark moistness of what is surely a very popular guilty pleasure.

Haitian Quake Blamed on Voodoo

By Jean-Paul Stanley Simmons, Special to Newsophile

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI -- In the midst of the rubble, the destruction, the piles of bodies and the cries for help, one man has stepped forward to accept responsibility for this week's horrendous earthquake event in Haiti.

He is Dr. Eyeball, a noted practitioner of Senteria and Haitian Voodoo.

As news crews attempted to film the demolished presidential palace, Dr. Eyeball stepped in front of a camera to display his voodoo doll of the nation of Haiti and cried "Sinners all dead! I made the earthquake to scourge the Earth of evil sinners!" (The doll was actually a papier-mache model of the island itself, complete with painted geography and a GI Joe head in the place of Port-au-Prince.)

As cameramen pushed him aside to film what they felt was the real story, Dr. Eyeball demonstrated his powers by quickly improvising a voodoo doll of Chen Nguong Nung, a Miami reporter, out of an empty can, a paper clip, and a matchbook. He followed by tearing off the 'head' of the doll, causing Nung to instantly explode while cameras were running. As if this weren't enough, Dr. Eyeball proceeded to deliver an ancient voodoo chant that, after 5 continuous minutes, caused every cameraman within 30 feet to bleed from the ears and nostrils.

At this point the Haitian National Guard appeared on the scene, lit some 'spleef,' and sat down to see what else Dr. Eyeball would come up with. Not wishing to disappoint, the good doctor launched into a 15-minute monologue on why he felt it necessary to destroy his own home and people. Surprisingly, the doctor vanished in a puff of smoke when he finished speaking and rescue crews are currently searching the island for him.

TSA Accused of Dabbling in Child Porn

By Long Tung Duc, Special to Newsophile

KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA -- Nine-year-old Cub Scout Terrance Dobkins knows a thing or two about airport security, and thinks he could stop those terrorists without having to fund the operation by selling kiddy porn. That's because Terrance happens to share a name with a known terrorist who appears on the TSA's watch list, and as a frequent traveler, he's had his share of cup checks by airport security. During this summer's family vacation to Jamaica, the TSA arranged a body scan photo shoot for Terrance when his name was spotted while getting his boarding pass with his family.

Transportation Security expert Thomas Fin stated on Friday, "We don't often get a chance to scan a kid with these babies, but when you do, you jump at it!" TSA officials acknowledge that scanning minors is a touchy subject, but since Miami International Airport has been one of a limited number of trial airports to have the new full body scanners installed, according to Fin, "We nail every kid we can." Adds Fin, "Kids provide us with an unadulterated view of the raw human form, which thus allows security officials to become familiar with the way ''a body ought to be.' But we're very professional about it."

Terrance's mother, Amy Dobkins, is less than impressed. When TSA officails asked her to sign a waiver to release Terrance's scans for training purposes, she refused. Amy described their pleading as just disgusting. "They just want to totally perv out over my son's body scan photos, and that ain't right." Thomas Fin commented that it is a great misfortune that our trainees won't be able to view this young man's 'majestic' form.

The Department of Homeland Security this morning confirmed that, "Virginal scans are very valuable." Gordon Swag, who is the newly appointed Sensitive Media Secretary for the DOHS, tell us that his counterparts around the world are very eager to analyze even the smallest tidbits in our global war against terrorism. "The Israelis would have paid pay big bucks for these scans," says Swag, "and don't even get me started on the Turks." Gordon also admits that the parental waiver will be a thing of the past very soon. "We're expecting an executive order or two about that coming down the pike pretty soon."

Meanwhile, Terrance and his family are taking it in stride. "I guess I'll just have to get used to it," says Terrance. "I just hope it doesn't end up on YouTube. And I guess I can just forget about cock rings."