Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Joe the Plumber" publishes risque calendar

By Darnell Washington, Newsophile Staff Writer

TOLEDO, OH -- Samuel Joseph "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher, who shot into the national limelight when asking Barack Obama about his tax policies during a campaign stop in October and then was regularly referenced in the third Presidential debate, has leveraged his newfound celebrity to publish the "Basic Plumbing Calendar" which he says is "an homage to the masculinity and dignity of the plumbing trade."

"I'm really proud of what I do, and I've always kind of been one of those en-tre-pre-neuer types," quotes Mr. Wurzelbacher under 'Joe's Story,' printed on the back cover of the calendar. "This is a great way to catch up on some taxes while showing America the best that plumbers like me have to offer. As we say in the trade, 'If shit doesn't happen then we're out of work!'"

In related news, Mr. Wurzelbacher has also indicated his interest in running for Congress in 2010 after strong encouragement by Ohio Republicans.